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Benefits for you:

Clean & Clear-To-Read Whiteboards

Presentable Meeting Rooms

Erases Confidential Information

Removal Of Residual Markings

Anyone that uses a whiteboard knows how painful it can be to keep those boards clean and clear with no residual information showing. No matter how much you clean them or what products you use, the smears and previous marks would still remain, making it difficult, at times, to read the new information.

Dirty whiteboards could also pose a problem when you host meetings for your clients, as not all the information is sometimes erased from your whiteboard.

Even if you manage to wipe and make the previous information unreadable, does your whiteboard look clean, clear and presentable?

In a meeting room or office, whether for client or employee benefit, a clean environment is important to make a good impression. Even if your desks and tables are clean and shiny and the floors are vacuumed and mopped, but if your whiteboards are not clean and clear, it may skew your staff's and visitors' perception of your business.

Whether you have your regular cleaning contract in place or not, we can help you present your office in the best light for your visitors and employees alike. Let us demonstrate by cleaning your whiteboards and you can take it from there.

For our Whiteboard Cleaning Service you can select regular cleaning of whiteboards  weekly whiteboard cleaning  fortnightly whiteboard cleaning  monthly whiteboard cleaning  out-of-hours whiteboard cleaning  whiteboard cleaning during business hours  supply of cleaning products, materials and equipment  risks assessment

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