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Services ⇢ Out-of-Hours Cleaning

Benefits for you:

Uninterrupted business

Clean premises at start of day

Less cleaning time & more savings for you

To ensure that there are no interruptions to our clients’ businesses, we usually operate an out-of-hours cleaning service. This is not only for your convenience, as our cleaning team won’t be in your way, but also to avoid any potential hazards, such as slippery floors, contact with any cleaning agents on surfaces, tripping hazards, etc. Cleaning during out of business hours also allows our teams to deliver the best results in less time, because cleaners do not need to wait for any facilities to be unoccupied to clean them or for your employees to finish their tasks before their desks can be dusted, hence eliminating downtime. Therefore, we believe that our Out-of-Hours Service delivers both standard excellence and value for money to our clients.

However, at Premier Commercial Cleaning we understand that out-of-hours cleaning service may not always be possible or, indeed, feasible for every organisation and we will work with you to tailor our cleaning visits to fit with your operational requirements.

Contact us to discuss your cleaning requirements and to arrange a free cleaning survey of your premises. 

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