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Benefits for you:

Fully stocked washrooms

Consumables stock control

Replenishment of washroom & kitchen supplies

Wide range of products to suit your needs & budget

In a busy working environment, washing-up liquid or dishwasher tablets, hand towels or the last toilet tissue shouldn’t be something either you or your employees need to worry about. The washroom experience can directly influence how your staff and visitors perceive your business; therefore it is important to make sure that your facilities are kept fully stocked.

Premier Commercial Cleaning is not tied to any one supplier and, as such, we can source consumables according to your requirements and budget. We can supply a wide range of good quality and value-for-money kitchen and washroom products. Because our cleaning team visits your premises on a regular basis, we monitor and replenish stock when it’s needed, so that your visitors and staff work in comfort and focus on tasks at hand.

Our Washroom Service typically includes supplystock control and replenishment of washroom consumables  washing-up liquid  dishwasher tablets  tea towels  paper hand towels  hand soap and sanitiser  antibacterial products  bin liners  air fresheners  soap dispensers  paper towel dispensers  toilet tissue dispensers  hand dryers

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